Our Frameworks

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Just Focus on your Integration Business

Added Business Values Solution are a set of components for different IBM Software that help our customer achieve the following:

  1. Reduce the time to market
  2. Reduce and ease the learning curve for the customer
  3. Direct the customer to adopt the best practice to use the IBM Software
  4. Reduce the cost of implementation

Integrate your Hybrid Cloud using the IBM Integration Software suite. The internal integration using App connect, IIB, ODM, BPM, WSRR and Data Power. And externally using API connect.

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Manage all your B2B scenarios

Build up on your hybrid cloud by automating and securing all of your file transfer services externally using IBM B2B Sterling File gateway and Sterling Secure Proxy, and internally using IBM Sterling Connect Direct and IBM Sterling Control Center.

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Handle your process business and technical exceptions in nutshell

Build up on your hybrid cloud by automating your processes within your departments using IBM FileNet, Case Manager, ODM and BPM. Reduce the storage of machine generated data with IBM CMOD.

Handle Business and Technical exceptions from any interaction step in your process either from human or system integration interaction, in a professional informative way with the ability to restart or skip faulted activity.

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