sterling B2B suite

IBM Sterling Secure Proxy helps secure and shield your trusted network by preventing direct connectivity between external partners and internal servers. It can secure your network and data exchanges at the network edge to enable trusted business-to-business transactions and managed file transfer (MFT) file exchanges. As a demilitarized zone (DMZ)-based proxy, Secure Proxy uses multi-factor authentication, SSL session breaks, closing of inbound firewall holes, protocol inspection and other controls to ensure the security of your trusted zone.

An “Edge” based application for exchanging data between

partners, customers, suppliers and employees

Provides a centralized file gateway for processing inbound and outbound files

Supports almost any format, any protocol, any size B2B file transfer

Enables the transformation of files to optimize data delivery processes (Sterling B2B

Mail box services and communication adapters
Integrator Add-on is required)

Partner portal (myFileGateway) for self service

Sterling B2B Integrator is the next generation end-to-end enterprise integration
server for dynamic real-time and near-real time business collaboration and
commerce automation. It is a business process-centric transaction engine for
modeling and managing processes. It handles complex routing, translation,
flexible integration, and real-time interaction with multiple internal systems and
external trading partners.

BM Sterling Connect:Direct (C:D) is a point-to-point file-based integration
middleware solution, that provides assured delivery, high-volume, and secured
data exchange within and between enterprises.

Execute and manage file transfers between applications within your enterprise and
with external business partners. Scheduling one-time, recurring or continuous
executions, contains extensive statistics logs for audit trail and diagnostic