What is cybersecurity? We hear this phrase left and right but we never really stopped to ask ourselves what it means? How does this affect my business? How does it affect me, personally? Who do I need protection from? How do I protect myself? 


In essence, cyber security (as the name suggests) is protection from cyber attacks. Cyber attacks can vary from interrupting a business’s daily operations to unauthorized access of your Instagram account. The attacks can be become so vicious to the extent that the attacker can steal personal information or even ask for ransom. 


Initially, cyber security was just about keeping the computers and hardware physically safe, by locking them up in rooms and having security access for them. But in today’s world, where literally almost everying is connected virtually, it’s necessary – no longer a luxury – to protect data from unauthorized access and hacking. Cybersecurity is essential because it protects all types of data against infiltration and loss.


The ironic thing is that human vulnerability is a crucial factor in cybersecurity. There aren’t enough awareness programs or resources regarding this particular field. You can have all the best defensive technologies in place, but a simple click by someone who is not fully aware or is not well educated about cyber crimes, can lead to catastrophic consequences. Just in 2021, one of the biggest cyber attacks in history which resulted in 8.4 billion passwords leaked, all because someone clicked on the wrong link.  


So what can we do? The interconnectedness of all systems within the modern society, makes us all the more susceptible to potential cyber attacks which can lead to disasters. What can we do to protect ourselves or our business or even our governments from this ever growing threat? Advanced technologies are now available to aid in protection again this kind of menace. Implementation of those can be highly beneficial as well continuous monitoring and regular risk assessments. 


Artificial Intelligenct has now become a major player when it comes to cybersecurity. Not only is it able to analyze huge amounts of data to detect potential threats and swiftly respond to them, it can also adapt to evolving attack techniques (because yes, they are continually evolving). This way it’s more likely to be able to detect the threat and mitigate the risk. 


AI enhances cybersecurity because it provides advanced threat detection, improves response time and quality, and is also able to provide predictive analysis to overall strengthen the security. Cybersecurity is a global challenge that requires cooperation and collaboration among ourselves. Taking it seriously whether it’s with educating ourselves and our colleagues or by implementing cybersecurity measures, is a step that we must take to protect our digital society.